Air conditioning trunking

Air conditioning trunking systems for HVAC applications

Canalplast air conditioning ducts offer protection to pipes used to connect the air conditioning unit to the splits. Made of UV stabilized class 1 self-extinguishing PVC (UL94-V0), Canalplast air conditioning ducts are studied for operating temperatures between -5°C and +60°C.

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Canalplast air conditioning duct

Both types of Canalplast air conditioning ducts, with wrap-around or snap-on cover, are produced in two meters long lengths that can be fixed with simple expansion plugs through the holes prepared at the base. The variety of sizes available allows installation in any situation, also thanks to the multiple joining accessories.

Air conditioning trunking with wrap-around lid and snap-on lid: main differences

Both types of Canalplast air conditioner ducts can be used for Mono, Dual and Multisplit air conditioning systems. The difference between an air conditioning channel with snap-on cover and one with wrap-around cover is purely aesthetic.

In any case the accessories are compatible with both series. This offers a huge advantage to all installers and shops who choose Canalplast for the purchase of channels dedicated to air conditioning, since it will be possible to keep both systems in stock while keeping only one type of accessories in stock.

Support for air conditioning outdoor machinery

Bases for floor air conditioners are the ideal solution for all those installations where it is necessary to place the machine on the ground, instead of suspended with a bracket. The installation on the floor instead of a suspended installation can depend on several factors, including, for example, a stringent condominium regulation.

The peculiarity of Canalplast floor bases for air conditioners is that they are anti-vibration. This feature allows to reduce vibrations, consequently noise, thanks to a soft and rubberized bottom that also allows you to hold the machine firmly without sliding forward.

Certifications and standards

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