Trunking for lifter

Closed and pre-punched cable ducts for lifts

Elevator channels are cable ducts related to the industrial sector, specific for wiring elevator shafts. These solutions allow electrical cables to be derived, after take away the removable parts on the profiles, in the case of pre-cutted channels.

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Trunking for lift closed or pre-cutted: the difference

The key difference between pre-cutted elevator channels and closed channels lies in the simplicity of installation. The pre-cut channels have removable parts that facilitates the work of deriving cables inside a lift shaft.

Using closed channels, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain more precise and tailor-made processes, but the installer will have to drill the channel at the necessary point, thus requiring more time for processing.

Dimensions and materials of elevator channels

Both types of Canalplast lift channels are supplied complete with lid, with click hooking system, and are made of rigid self-extinguishing PVC class 1 (UL94-V0) gray. The standard length of the bars is 2 meters and the integrated bottom guides allow quick installation of accessories without the need for additional fixing.

Certifications and standards

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UNI EN 45545-2