Wire duct

Ducting systems for panel board made in pvc or halogen free (pc-abs and noryl)

The ducts for electrical panels are essential elements for industrial wiring. Fundamental for the safety and organization of cables inside low and medium voltage electrical panels, in Canalplast, we produce wiring ducts of various sizes in order to meet the different installation needs.

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Canalplast wire duct

The cable ducts for electrical panels produced by Canalplast allow an orderly and precise wiring, also thanks to the presence of guides inside them, placed on the bottom, which allow you to grip specific accessories useful to divide the space and cable containment.

Available in different colors, with a standard bar length of 2 meters, our ducts are available in three materials: self-extinguishing rigid PVC class 1 (UL94-V0), dedicated to industrial systems, but also PC/ABS and Noryl, both raw materials halogen free, provided for wiring electrical panels in particular areas such as in the railway or public sector.

The advantages of a Canalplast wiring duct

All Canalplast panel board ducts are equipped with holes on the bottom to facilitate assembly on any type of industrial electrical panel and side slots that allow a more or less large number of electrical cables to pass from the inside to the outside in order to create precise wiring. In addition it is possible to remove the fingers manually without any risk of injury.

But that’s not all. If you need more space for the passage of cables during installation, our ducts allow you to remove the wall positioned below the slots to gain additional precious millimeters.

Finally, the cover of our channels for electrical panels is equipped with a special non-slip grip that prevent the lids from falling off even if installed vertically.

Size, color and customizations

At Canalplast we offer channels for switchboards in different sizes, with a standard length of two meters. A huge number of combination is available as for example slots that could be large 4, 5 or 8 mm and many different base and height. The product, according to the necessary length, can be cut to size.

Our halogen free wire ducts are only available in light grey for PC/ABS and dark grey for Noryl channels. The standard channels, on the other hand, can be supplied in gray and, only on request, also in white, blue and black.

Corner wire duct system

To solve the problem of empty spaces that are created in the side walls of the electrical panel when using traditional rectangular channels, in Canalplast we have created special corner duct. In addition to eliminating voids, these channels allow orthogonal joints to be made, which significantly increase the internal use of devices for the connections.

Ducts for electrical panels halogen free

For specific installations where in case of fire it is necessary to contain the emission of opaque fumes, toxic gases and corrosive gases for the protection of people and goods, in Canalplast we have thought of two duct lines for electrical panels halogen free content: EHF-P and EHNH.

The first, produced in light gray PC/ABS, complies with CEI EN 50085-2-3, UNI-EN 45545-2: 2015, EN ISO 4589-2 and NFX 70-100. In particular, in case of fire, EHF-P has a degree of opacity of the fumes emitted during the first minutes equal to 32.9% and a CIT toxicity index equal to 0.11. Due to these characteristics, EHF-P ducts are particularly suitable for installations in the railway sector and electrical panels where a low halogen content is required.

The ducts for EHNH electrical panels are instead produced in dark gray Noryl, also in compliance with CEI EN 50085-2-3, UNI-EN 45545-2: 2015, EN ISO 4589-2 and NFX 70-100. In particular, in case of fire, the EHNH ducts have a MARHE heat emission degree of 45.8 kW/m2 and a CIT toxicity index of 0.05 at 4 minutes and 0.07 at 8 minutes. This type of duct is also particularly suitable for installations in the railway sector, inside locomotives and carriages with the presence of people.

Both series are available in 14 different combinations: width from 25 to 125 mm, height from 25 to 75 mm and length 2000 mm, with side slots of 5 / 7.5 mm.

Certifications and standards

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