Service box

Service box for the office

Canalplast service boxes are extremely versatile. Available in different models, for the desk or for the floor, our service boxes can be used to create different types of configurations.

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Desk type

The desk service box size is 195x95x110 mm and is made of self-extinguishing ABS (UL94-V0). Available in two colors, black and aluminum, the desk service box is an indispensable accessory for offices and meeting rooms.

Floor and underfloor type

The underfloor type, as well as the floor type, allow electricity to be brought to one or more specific points of a room, mainly in an office. Underfloor boxes can be used with concrete. Floor type, on the other hand, being visible solutions, require a different aesthetic configuration, which can be used with skirting and underfloor trunkings.

Column type

Column type are a hybrid system, as they allow laying both vertically and horizontally. An agile and functional system, which gives you the possibility to create configurations that can be easily modified and expanded over time.

Certifications and standards

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UNI EN 45545-2