Minitrunking for small cables

Minitrunkings are suitable for creating new systems or expanding and modifying existing ones, where spaces are limited: they are chosen for their small size that makes it suitable for hiding cables that would otherwise remain visible, such as those of the TV.

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Minintrunking: when to use them?

The minitrunkings are created to be used in residential application, in order to hide small cables such as those related to TV and other domestic needs. Canalplast developed four different design of minitrunkings:

  • Minitrunkings with standard cover, the most classic solution available in the catalog, with a squared design available in many different sizes;
  • Minitrunkings with wrap-around cover, whose peculiarity is that the lid is not visible at a first glance;
  • System of minitrunkings with a rounded design and with special dedicated accessories;
  • Minitrunkings with integrated cover and adhesive tape on the bottom.

The main advantage of minitrunkings is the large number of sizes available. Designed to contain a very limited number of cables, these ducts can be fixed to the wall with adhesives or plugs.

Difference between minitrunking and installation trunking

Minitrunkings differ from traditional installation trunkings in two elements: sizes and aesthetic. In fact, with small trunkings, it is possible to pass a very limited number of cables, such as those of TVs and other small domestic systems. Moreover, being intended mostly for residential application, the minitrunkings have a more sophisticated and refined aesthetic than normal larger installation ducts.

Certifications and standards

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