Cable duct for indoor and outdoor

Trunking for installation direct to the wall, to the floor or hanging

The PVC plastic cable trays produced by Canalplast have the advantage of being extremely versatile, since they can be installed on the wall, floor or hanging. Available in different sizes, with a standard length of 2 meters, our cable trays allow a perfect organization of the cables, respecting the regulatory standards in place.

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Canalplast cable ducts

Using cable ducts is essential to create organized and lawful systems, as they allow you to organize multiple cables inside them and at the same time provide protection to them. At Canalplast we offer solutions for different needs: from the classic PVC cable duct for domestic and industrial use up to cable trays for quick-fixing of the sockets.

The advantages of a plastic cable duct

Entrambe le tipologie di canaline per condizionatori Canalplast possono essere utilizzate per impianti di condizionamento tipo Mono, Dual e Multisplit. La differenza tra una canalina climatizzatore con coperchio a scatto e una con coperchio avvolgente è unicamente estetica.

I vantaggi di una canalina in plastica passacavi

Le canaline passacavi in PVC di Canalplast hanno diversi vantaggi:

  • Quick installation, without any masonry traces for the system;
  • Organization and protection of cables;
  • Non-slip cover or removable with tool depending on the application;
  • Self-extinguishing class 1 non-flame retardant (UL94-V0);
  • Integrated bottom guides that allow quick installation of accessories without the need for additional fixing.

Sizes, colors and customization of channels

Depending on the size of the wiring to be made, in Canalplast we offer cable ducts in different sizes, keeping the length constant, equal to 2 meters. The channel can then be brought to size using a suitable cutter.

Our PVC cable trays are available in two standard colours: grey RAL 7030 and white RAL 9010. Other colors on request.

Cable ducts with safety cover

In Canalplast we have studied a cable duct with safety cover. These ducts make it possible to protect people and things from electricity in case of opening of the cable holder, since the release of the cover must be done with a tool.

Channels for modular systems with reinforced section: when and why to choose them

Our modular cable ducts with reinforced section are plastic solutions, in self-extinguishing rigid PVC class 1 (UL94-V0), which however have mechanical characteristics similar to metal. This is possible thanks to the honeycomb walls and bottoms, able to provide greater mechanical resistance to the cable trays.

Adopting a plastic solution with metallic characteristics is essential in particular environments, such as seaside places, where there is a high risk of corrosion. With this type of cable ducts it is possible to obtain the advantages of metal, but with a much more limited maintenance over time.

Ducts for quick-fixing systems

The channels for quick-fixing systems of sockets allow the installation of power sockets in the offices at any point they are needed without any masonry traces for the system.

This type of office ducts is visible and the cover can be moved as needed to create all the derivations necessary for connecting computers, utilities or other.

Certifications and standards

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UNI EN 45545-2