canali per ascensori tipo AS

Closed trunkings for lift

Wire trunking for lift.
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Type AS-G – Trunking complete with cover:
› Material: self-extinguishing rigid PVC Class 1 (UL94-VO)
› Lenght: 2 mt
› Cover: snap-on cover
› Separators: for wire ducts with rails
› Holes: for wall mounting with plugs
› Built-in rail*: allows quick installation of accessories without the need for additional hardware
› Accessories: designed for use with several accessories
› Colours: grey

Codes and measures trunkings

*Trunkings with rails on the bottom.

Cod.B mmH mmS.G. mmq
AS G840401310
AS G460401960
AS G960603080
AS G2680402665
AS G680604175
AS G17100605295
AS G19100807215
AS G10*120606390
AS G32*120808710
AS G33*1508010770