Corner wire ducts for electrical panels: what they are and when to use them

Corner wire ducts for electrical panels: what they are and when to use them

Canali angolari per quadri elettrici | Canalplast

Guide to corner channels for switchboards

The corner channels for electrical panels are the ideal solution to have as much space as possible during the installation. In this article we will discuss about the strengths of this system.

What are angular trunkings

The corner channels are created with the aim of solving the problem of empty spaces in the side walls of an electrical panel. Using standard wire ducts, in fact, it would be extremely difficult to use the entire available area.

Are angular ducts suitable for any electrical panel?

The answer to this question is yes, corner channels are suitable to be installed in any electrical panel. In addition to eliminating voids, in fact, our corner ducts allow you to make orthogonal joints that determine a significant increase of the connections.

EDGE, the new Canalplast corner channel system

In Canalplast, with the aim of facing change, we have created a new series of corner channels designed precisely with the aim of solving the problem of empty spaces that are created in the side walls of the electrical panel using traditional rectangular channels.

Our EDGE series ducts are made of self-extinguishing rigid PVC class 1 (UL94-V0). To meet the most varied requirements, our corner channels are available in two sizes with 40 and 60 mm covers, bases for height respectively 90 x 90 and 110 x 110, 4 mm slots and useful sections of 9,000 and 11,050 mm2.

In addition, the EDGE system signed Canalplast is patented, as well as IMQ, CSA, UL and UKCA certified.

The advantages

The advantages of using the corner channels produced by us at Canalplast are different. Among them we find:

  • double breaking line, with the lower one that allows easier removal of the wall and the upper one to simplify the breaking of the slats, even manually;
  • rounded fingers that do not scratch the installer during wiring and do not damage the cables;
  • Compatible with different accessories.

In addition, as already specified, the use of the EDGE system allows to significantly reduce the unused areas within an electrical panel.

Accessories for angle channels Canalplast

In Canalplast, in addition to producing and supplying corner channels for electrical panels, we can take care of the supply of accessories for correct and orderly wiring. Among these we undoubtedly find  the cable retainer necessary for the containment of electrical cables in the channels, to be inserted vertically into the cracks and interlocked with rotational movement on the sides.

The use of this accessory, compliant with the RoHs directive, prevents the leakage of cables and allows an orderly and safe installation.

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